Our record and filing system is done online

Each company get access to our site through an unique username and password.

Our E-ipm file (electronic integrated pest management file) will provide you with the following in information:
  • Medical Emergency Bumbers
  • Certification documents
  • Lables
  • MSDS documents
  • SHE documents
  • Risk assessment
  • Good Working Procedures
  • Pre-requisite Programme


Data capturing 

Data is captured with a scanner whilst servicing.

The data is then transmitted via  a cellphone network to our online filing system.

Every service area or unit has its own bar code witch we scan as we start the service in the unit or area.


Data include:

  • Time of service
  • Type of service
  • Chemical used
  • Action request
  • Activity report
  • Damage report
  • Species report

Sighting lock and call lock

  • The client can lock a sighting or a call online
  • The lock will remain as part of all data captured
  • The service manager will schedule a service
  • Once the service is completed data about the service will reflect on the reporting part of the system